viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013

El vals de los comodines, the jokers waltz,la letra-por Simon Golstein

Aqui comparto con ustedes la letra de la cancion The jokers waltz que publique ayer, espero les guste !!!! ^_^

The jokers waltz

Simon Golsten 

 Can you feel this pulse just like me?
When you write in green, does the air soon take on this sheen?
Leaves swirl on my breath unclean..

It's all gone white, I'm lost in snow
Withdraw from the world that's the way that the tide seems to go
And I don't argue..

Off the roof where I sit, my thoughts drip
Hit the ground with a hiss, dip my fingers into this stream
This slick, and it sticks, I'm moonlit..

So liquor up the old brain now I say
I feel stranger every day
You cannot bring me down, no not today
I'l already on my way

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