sábado, 16 de marzo de 2013

Letra de tucked away , lo prometido es deuda ^_^

Tucked away
Simon Golstein

They're pumping in the shadow where you lie in your bed
All the thoughts in your head they are calling,
That I'll miss you, when you're gone...
Just keep yourself tucked away cold and safe from the day, 
Cos all you ever really have to say is appalling 
Guess I'll miss you when you're gone

You think you can write yourself better 
But no I've got you down to the letter 
Think I'll miss you? I think you know better..

But you tell yourself, you tell yourself these things 
And you really believe them, so what can I do? 
You pump yourself up, you pump yourself up 
Say you'll do it, you'll do it this time 
Oh but you know..

Tucked away, tucked away, tucked away, you should stay 
Tucked away, tucked away, tucked away where you belong
Far away from me, and from the daylight, and from everyone

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