martes, 26 de marzo de 2013

letra de you should be with me por Simon Golstein !!

You should be with me
Simon Golstein

Why do you stay with him, why can't you see the truth-
The truth's in me and you
Life gets to you sometimes I know, and you just need a place to go
So you stick with what you know

I said why do you stay with him, when the answer is clearly true-
Forever me and you
Life gets to me sometimes you see, so I look to eternity
The eternity that I see in you and me

And I'm sure as endless sleepless hours, wailing through the trees
Tossing turning sweating out these screams go soundlessly
Sure as sunrise, death and physics, my philosophy
That you should be with me..

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  1. Que chulo tu blog. Yo he empezado uno hace poco. Hecha un ojo si quieres. Besos.